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Smart Refrigerant Probes Deluxe Kit with Vacuum Gauge

Smart Refrigerant Probes Deluxe Kit with Vacuum Gauge

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The HUB8 Smart Refrigeration Probes Deluxe Kit is the most complete and convenient wireless refrigeration probe kit available today. The HUB8 makes it easier for you to service and charge air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The addition of the wireless Vacuum Gauge and Outdoor Thermometer probe integrates real-time Target Superheat, Evacuation and Rise Test calculations into the App. This provides a more accurate, efficiency and cost-effective charge on the system allowing all your vacuum, refrigeration and air parameters to be viewed from 1 location.

Wireless vacuum gauge probe
Target superheat calculation
Pressure probes with 180¡ã articulation
Refrigerant pass through port
Wireless pipe clamps
System refrigerant charging calculations
Temperature split and psychrometric calculations
Dual mode vacuum screen for evacuation and rise tests
Real time target superheat calculation
Wireless distance of 350 ft. pending environment
Easy drag-and-drop probe connections

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