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3-Person Metal Outdoor Patio Swing Adjustable with Gray Removable Cushion

3-Person Metal Outdoor Patio Swing Adjustable with Gray Removable Cushion

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In comfortable morning or afternoon seating on a rocking chair swaying gently with the wind is just too relaxing. Rust-proof frame and high-quality woven fabric ensure the quality of outdoor patio porch swing chair, which can accompany you through multiple seasons. Stylish gray appearance becomes a scenery in your garden, and you and your family rest outdoors while being protected from the sunlight. No matter in which season, outdoor swing chair can have his use, and it is also very popular with children.

Overall support frame is made of metal to ensure its sturdiness and durability, and the exterior is coated with anti-rust coating to ensure its long service life
High-quality polyester fabric gives a comfortable feeling, while having UV protection, anti-fading, anti-mildew and other features to maintain the delicate appearance of the swing chair
Add a removable cushion to cushion the lumbar pressure, you can release the fatigue of the day
Steel base with an external plastic shell to enhance the friction with the ground, not easy to turn to, its load-bearing capacity of up to 440 lbs., high security
Adjustable top to block the Sun in a variety of ways, you can adjust the angle to your liking
Easy to clean, gray exterior is not easy to get dirty, removable cushion for your cleaning convenience, or you can use a damp cloth to wipe most stains
With installation instructions, easy to install, only 15-minutes to 30-minutes to complete the installation
Overall size is 170 cm W x 112 cm D x 156 cm H, large use space

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