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Decorated Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag for Trees Up to 9 ft. Tall with Rolling Tree Stand

Decorated Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag for Trees Up to 9 ft. Tall with Rolling Tree Stand

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We understand your frustration with your artificial Christmas tree. Each year, set up and take down of your tree tests your patience as you assemble each section, try to find the plugs to make all the lights work, and move the ornaments around to try and get the same perfect look that you remember from last year. You force a large tree into a cardboard box that is too small to fit your Christmas tree, and break your back carrying the box in and out of storage. This repeated assembly and disassembly, along with that taped together cardboard box, shortens the lifespan of your Christmas tree. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this difficult or time consuming. The upright decorated Christmas tree storage bag is the perfect artificial Christmas tree storage bag with wheels for fully assembled and decorated trees up to 9ft. tall. Vertical storage for xmas trees allows you to keep your tree assembled and decorated the perfect way, cutting away your set up and take down time. With the included rolling tree stand, set up and take down becomes as simple as rolling your xmas tree container in and out of storage, and suddenly the task you once hated becomes a whole lot easier. Next year, when set up your tree, simply bunch the xmas tree bag up at the base of your tree, securing it in the attached tree skirt, and your xmas tree storage bags will be discreetly hidden from sight as if it weren't even on the tree to begin with. A Patented Product: Patent(s) 7,694,494 and 7,775,360

Fits most artificial trees up to 9 ft. tall and 72 in. wide
Store your tree fully decorated and upright
Comes with universal rolling tree stand
Compresses discreetly below tree when not in use
Durable, wipe-clean polyester fabric
1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects

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