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Black Walnut Pillar Freestanding Stool-Coatrack

Black Walnut Pillar Freestanding Stool-Coatrack

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Finding multi-functional furniture pieces that take up little space can be a difficult task. Both versatile and multi-purpose, Pillar Coatrack and Stool is a modern household essential. This freestanding coatrack and stool has 6 sturdy hooks to hold a variety of your items while its built-in stool can be used to store bags, plants or act as a place to sit and put on your shoes before heading out. Utilizing vertical space, this2-in-one coatrack works great for small spaces, having a small footprint while providing maximum storage. Pillar can be used in a variety of rooms: in your bedroom to organize clothes and accessories, in your bathroom for towels or in your entryway for bags, jackets and more. Measures 65 x 19.75 in. Dia (50 dia x 165 cm).

2-in-1 coatrack and stool: unlike traditional coat racks, pillar also has a stool to store bags, plants or as a place to sit and put on your shoes
Ample storage: pillar features 6-hooks for clothes, towels, jackets, hats and more, this coatrack utilizes vertical space and can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, or entryways to provide extra storage
Space-saving: compact in size, pillar can be neatly tucked into a corner, making it a perfect solution for small-space living, no tools required, pillar is easy to assemble with a few simple steps
Modern and sleek design: made of metal and natural wood, this stylish wooden coatrack looks great in your entryway or any other room its placed, measures 65 in. x 19.75 in. Dia. (50 dia. x 165 cm)
5-year manufacturer warranty: shop with confidence knowing that all Umbra products are backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty
2-in-1 coatrack and stool

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